Trucell Supplements

About the Project

Trucell Supplements did not require a large amount of work for this project, but they did want a company who could meet their expectations both in terms of quality and communication. We produced these 3D renderings to drive sales on their the new website and other eCommerce purposes.

3D Package Rendering
Trucell Supplements
March 2021

The Task

In 2020, we were contacted by the founder of Trucell Supplements, a dietary supplement company that was in search of a reliable 3D visualization company who could help them produce photo-realistic 3D rendering of their packages for their new eCommerce website. They explained to us that they had had some prior difficulty with continuity working with freelancers and were interested in exploring our services as a studio.

The Process

Trucell Supplements provided us with both images and videos of their products along with label artwork files for us to work from. Once the expectations and scope of the project was clear, our 3D artists first created accurate 3D models of each container structure.

After the models were built, we staged each shot and starting to work on the lighting and material setup which would be the most challenging aspect of these designs due to the high gloss finish of the bottle and the colored metallic foil on the label. These types of surfaces always require a difficult balance when it comes to the highlights and reflections. Too few and the surfaces wont look right, but too many and everything becomes a distraction. To help balance the look, we used a combination of 3D and post production techniques to enable a high level of control and fidelity.\

Once the initial front view renderings were approved, we simply rotated the container to create the additional spin views while maintaining a perfect level of consistency across every design.

The Results

At face value, this may seem like a very simple project compared to some of the others we've worked on and showcase here, but that doesn't mean it wasn't without it's challenges. Whatever the case may be, we enjoy solving our clients problems when it comes to visual content creation and we always strive to provide the same level of quality and dedication no matter the size of the project.

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