Sentinel Medical Technologies


Precision and attention to detail is everything when treating a patient and we created these renderings for the launch of a new medical device with that same mindset at heart.

The Task

In 2023, we were contracted by the Senior Graphic Designer for Stryve Marketing and the Director of Marketing for Sentinel Medical Technologies, with the task of producing a series of 3D renderings for the launch of a new medical device known as the TraumaGuard System. This system measures real-time and continuous Intra-Abdominal Pressure, Urinary Output, and Core Body Temperature. As far as we know, it sounds like a great invention for the the medical community and the patients who need it, but we're of course here to talk about 3D rendering and how we produced the images you see below.

The Process

Initial conversations with the client allowed us to establish the relative direction and scope of work for the project. We planned on producing about a dozen renderings of the device from various angles with a combination being full shots from a birds-eye perspective and others close-ups of specific components. To get started, we received photographic reference of the device along with 3D CAD files for the main components.

One of the odd challenges with this project was the variability of the cords. 3D modeling a cord is actually fairly straightforward from a technical standpint, but the challenge here was that for each image we had to come up with an aesthetically pleasing layout and composition for their pathways.

What we ultimately decided to do was to create 3 specific layouts for the overview shots and then use that variability to produce the remaining close-ups.

Once we had the initial layout and camera angles approved, we created photorealistic materials and textures for each piece of geometry and lit the designs as if they were resting on a table top surface. Final renders were produced at a 6K resolution which not only provided the cleint with an excpetional level of detail, but also the flexibility to crop the images should they want to create new designs directly from our renders.

The Results

These renders helped truly bring this product to life and aided the product launch. Such clean and detailed results could not have been achieved via traditional photography. We're very thankful to have had the opportunity to work on these designs and we hope that this product will ultimately help the lives of many people.