Promix Nutrition

Promix Nutrition

We produced 3D package renderings for Promix Nutritions' entire product line ranging from supplement bottles to pouches, powders, and oils.

The Task

In 2016, we were contacted by Promix Nutrition, a natural supplement company specializing primarily in whey protein products. They inquired about our 3D package rendering services and were interested in having us produce renderings for one of their products, a 5lb container of protein powder. This initial request quickly expanded and over the course of approximately 2 years, we produced a series of 3D package renderings for a few dozen of their products.

The Process

Rather than explain the typical 3D package rendering process, which applies to 95% of cases and has already been described thoroughly on other projects on our site, we thought we'd single one design out, or really a set of designs for Promix Nutrition, their protein puff products. These were transparent containers with thousands of pellet-sized puffs.

The challenge, how do we distribute thousands of these 3D puff models into the container and make the arrangement look realistic?

In order to achieve the best results, we had to set up a fairly complex simulation so that we could use 3D physics and dynamics to solve our problem. First we calculated the density of the container and compared it with the puff 3D model we built to determine roughly how many puffs we'd have to duplicate and simulate. The numbers were so high, however, that we realized we were going to have to find a way to optimize the simulation to avoid it completely crashing.

The solution we came up with was to only simulate puffs filling up the front half of the outer perimeter of the container. Given the fact that we were only going to be rendering a straight on front view, we didn't need to simulate any puffs that wouldn't be seen. This allowed us to reduce the stress on our simulation setup by a factor of 10 and achieve the results we were looking for.

The Results

Given the competitiveness of the nutritional space, it's essential to have crystal clear images that showcase your products. Our 3D package rendering service was able to provide Promix Nutrition with the photo-realistic marketing material they needed to stand out and drive sells.