R&B Innovations

Gummy Geek

A fun little project that involved producing a series of 3D renderings for a few gummy supplement products.

The Task

In 2021, we were contacted by R&B Innovations, a dietary supplement brand, who reached out to us in need of phot-realistic eCommerce 3D renderings of their new gummy containers. Having been unsuccessful with traditional photography so far, we were tasked to produce high-quality images that accurately represented the product in a clean and clear style.

The Process

To aid our efforts, we were provided with photo-graphic reference of each of the 3 products, including reference for the gummies, label artwork files for each SKU, and 2D graphics seen on the gummies themselves. The client also explained that they were previously unsuccessful with photography due to difficulties in lighting and glare that occurred on the bottle and label.

Our artists first created the 3D model for both the container and the gummies. While the container is the same across each SKU and utilizing standard 3D modeling techniques, the gummies do vary a bit, specifically the Vitamin C gummy which has a sugary crystalized coating.

To achieve the effect, our artists created base "crystal structures" and used a scattering system to distribute them over the surface of the gummy.

Once the models were completed, we setup a physics-based simulation to realistically distribute the gummies both inside and outside of the container.

Now that the shots were staged, materials and lights were setup to achieve a studio style result. For the gummies, we used Sub-Surface-Scattering to allow light rays to scatter as they passed through them creating a realistic looking effect. One of the biggest challenges was making sure the label was lit well. We had to be sure that the lighting on the label helped showcase the foil areas without becoming too distracting. After some trial and error, we had our setup approved and were ready to proceed with final quality rendering.

The Results

We were glad to be able to meet our clients needs by providing them with product images that were clean, clear, and realistic. All of this done with perfect continuity across each SKU and without ever having actually been provided with the physical product.