Microsoft Surface Pro 8

Microsoft's Surface Pro is a beautifully designed product and it's for that simple reason that we wanted to create these high-end 3D renderings to showcase their flagship product.

The Task

We set out to create high-end and engaging 3D renderings utilizing multiple lighting styles of the Surface Pro 8 from various angles with out ultimate goal of producing imagery that could be used for the launch of the product and any ongoing marketing material.

The Process

Since we wanted our renderings to convey a similar look and style to what might be used for a product launch, we first drew inspiration from existing reference imagery and videos of the Surface Pro 8 and other tablet designs. After exploring those options we purchased an existing 3D model of the tablet from and began updating and optimizing the model, materials, and textures to ensure we maintained a high level of quality and detail at any camera angle.

The next phase of production was composition and layout. We explored a number of different camera angles before we settled on the final compositions you see here.

We knew we wanted to have a combination of full shots, detailed close-ups, and group shots to feature color variations and we knew we were going to add text to some of images to help enhance the content.

Once we settled on the camera angles, then we moved onto lighting and look development where the fun really ramped up.

We decided to go with two different lighting styles for these shots for some various and additional interest. Most of the shots are lit on a bright background and have a very clean and traditional feel while others are lit against a black background which allows for more dramatic lighting and a backlit style effect. After the lighting was complete, finishing touches included based post production edits such as color correction, depth of field, and lens glare to further enhance the designs.

The Results

We had a great deal of fun exploring and producing these renderings. If you like the results, please don't hesitate to reach out to us to discuss how we can create photo-realistic 3D renderings for your producs.