We were hired to produce 3D product package renderings for Karyng, a beauty and skin care company seeking to improve their online marketing content.

The Task

Utilizing provided photographic reference and 2D label artwork files, we were hired to produce high-quality photo-realistic 3D product renderings for three of Karyng's beauty care products.

The Process

We knew that the first step toward a successful project would be to ensure that we fully understood our client's goals and stylistic preferences. This direction which would help us navigate the project and ensure that their designs would stand out in a competitive online marketplace.

Once all initial reference was gathered and provided, we designed highly accurate 3D models based on photographs and product dimensions. Then we created physically-based materials for our models and began staging and lighting each shot, again based on the previously discussed initial direction.

Lighting products that have metallic and/or transparent aspects can be tricky. We had to be careful that these materials were conveyed accurately while also still keeping the text legible.

The Results

Eventually, we came up with an approved setup that brought these products to life and highlighted their beauty just as the products are designed to do themselves.