Agua Plus

Agua Plus

These water bottle 3D renderings were created to showcase our clients' "All Scratch!" label technology. How about those fluid effects!

The Task

In 2020, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, we were approached by Agua Plus, a premium alkaline water brand, in search of producing a 3D animation that would feature their new "All Scratch!" label technology. This technology allows the user to brand the label by scratching into the branded area thus making sure you don't misplace your bottle or mistake it for someone else's, a need that certainly became more important during this time.

The Process

After gathering reference and learning more about the product, we were ready to get to work creating an animation that would help highlight the technology and it's specific features: custom branding and resistant to condensation, water, ice, sunlight, heat, and friction.

Working from photographic reference and label artwork files, our 3D artists first creating a photo-realistic 3D model of the bottle and then then began animating each shot based on our previous discussions with the client.

We knew that given the features of the product, visualizing the bottle being submerged into water was going to be the key aspect we had to get right.

To achieve the look, first the "falling" bottle was animated to lock in the timing, speed, and overall composition. Next, a fluid simulation was created to react realistically to the bottle hitting the surface of the water. Lastly, foam and bubble effects were added based on the force and speed of the bottle as it moved through the liquid.

The Results

These static images represent some actual frames from the final animation.