One of our largest projects based on number of sku's, we were able to help Lindora produce 3D package renderings for their rebrand and launch of their new website with full control over the style and look of their designs.

The Task

In 2021, we were approached by Lindora, a major player in the wellness space, looking to improve their product imagery. To use their own words, "photography just doesn't cut it anymore", and we were tasked to show them what we could do, first starting with a small sample project, and then if successful, moving forward with their entire product line.

The Process

Our initial project consisted of producing 3D rendering of their Age Defying Face Lotion (as shown above). Having worked on similar designs before, we understood their desire to produce "perfect" looking product images that showcased their packaging in a clean and realistic style.

Shortly after the initial project was completed, we began discussions on rendering their entire food product line which consisted of snacks, meals, and supplement packaging. In total, there were over 90 SKU's across 45 different package structures and nearly 200 renderings required.

Despite the total volume, we were able to organize the project, plan for the most efficient workflow, and cater towards our clients' specific stylistic preferences.

From a workflow standpoint, first we selected a few unique packages structures that in and of themselves made up most of the variation across the product line. This allowed us to establish a style and continuity in everything from camera angles to lighting setups. Once those initial designs were approved, we then set out to complete all of the remaining unique package structures prior to moving onto the the roughly 45 label updates. This approach allowed us to address any feedback and make changes on the initial designs without having to spend extra time or money re-working a change across the board.

The Results

The examples here represent just a small taste of the total renderings that were produced for the launch of Lindora's new website. 3D rendered imagery gave Lindora the versatility they were looking for in their product imagery. Stylistic control, continuity, and post production flexibility are just some of the advantages that led to the successful completion of this project and will continue to help optimize the creation of new imagery if and when changes to existing labels should occur.