KMC Power Strips

The team at KMC explained to us that the results they had gotten prior to reaching out to us had been unsatisfactory. They were struggling to achieve the photorealistic level of quality they desired and asked if we would be able to take their designs to the next level.

The Task

In 2023, the US Marketing Director for KMC, a company with numerous products in the power strip and surge protector space, contacted us seeking 3D renderings of their products for use on their website and Amazon.

The Process

We first enganged in conversations to learn about what they had struggled with to ensure we would avoid the same mistakes. We learned that previous renderings were inconsistent and the level of quality was lacking compared to their competition. We also informed them that would be able to work directly from their 3D CAD files without completely remodeling the product. Something that they had been incorrectly informed of by other artists which ultimately led to spending more money than they should have.

Prior to getting started on these renderings, we agreed to produce a sample rendering at a discounted price point to ensure the folks at KMC that they had found the right company at last.

Our initial results met all of their expectations and from there we set out to create a series of renderings for 4 of their products (two of which are featured here).

KMC was able to provide not only their 3D CAD files, but also pad prints for the logos and 2D graphics and clear direction on their camera angle preferences. Given the similarities of each design, we were able to maximize our efficiency by establishing guidelines and templates that would work across multiple designs.

One of the biggest challenges oddly enough were the cords. From a modeling standpoint, we actually utliized two different approaches. The more complex of course being the "wrapped" image which shows the entire cord. This varied based on length, but remained similar in layout. Additionally, the cords had a braided texture that had to be created from scratch and hold up for close-up shots. It did help that we were provided with physical product samples to work from.

The Results

With a few iterations on lighting we achieved these final results and our friends over at KMC couldn't have been happier. It's not always easy to take a relatively ordinary design like a power strip and acheive a high end result, but it's these types of projects that we love to work on.