Endress & Hauser

J22 TDLAS Gas Analyzer

We produced a series of 3D renderings, technical drawings, and a 3D animation featuring an industrial gas analyzer manufactured by SpectraSensors, Inc.

The Task

In 2019, the marketing communications manager for SpectraSensors, Inc. reached out to us to discuss their interest in producing a series of marketing content for their upcoming launch of their newest product the J22 TDLAS Gas Analyzer. Their plan was to work with us in phases to produce 3D renderings, technical drawings, and an animation to help visualize the product and highlight the features of the unit.

The Process

Before any renderings could be produced, we first worked with the client gathering reference and direction for the content we would soon be producing. We also had to evaluate the 3D CAD files for the unit, which was still in development and that meant we knew we'd have to update the CAD file throughout the process.

Initially, our primary focus was solely on orthographic views of the product rendered both realistically and in the style of 2D technical drawings.

Both styles utilized the same CAD file, but required very different setups.

The technical drawings received a special shader to create the 2D line drawing effect while the 3D renderings received photo-realistic materials and textures and were rendered with studio style lighting. Eventually, we expanded our image content and produced break-apart renderings and group shots showing the units in a number of different configurations.

The Results

As mentioned above, we also produced a roughly three minute 3D animation synced to a voice-over that the client supplied. The animation highlighted a number of features of the product and different configurations. Unfortunately, we do not have permission to showcase the animation publicly, but we were allowed to share some still renderings directly from the animation. The first eight images below are directly from the animation.