G4 Electric Scooter

Gear up for this series of 3D renderings featuring GoTrax's GMax Ultra Electric Scooter. We created these renderings to showcase the design and product features.

The Task

In 2022 GoTrax, an up and coming e-scooter brand, reached out to us looking for ways to elevate and improve their existing product photography through the use of 3D rendering. Our task was to produce a series of product carousel and banner images that would be used for their website and additional marketing material.

The Process

The engineering team at GoTrax provided us with 3D CAD files of the scooter to work from. This proved to be sufficient for most of the hard surface components, outside of the usual optimization work, but some custom 3D modeling by our artists was needed for the soft surface elements such as the tires, handlebar grip, and locking cable. We also had to model a stylized version of the motor which was not part of the CAD file.

Next on the list was to give the 3D model a propper paint job, or in 3D terminology, shading. Photorealistic textures and materials were created and applied to each part of the design.

Photographic reference and physical product samples helped aid this process to ensure we captured every detail as accurately as possible.

Lastly, we hit the throttle (on our mice and keyboards), and set up cameras and lighting rigs for each shot. Compositionally, renders varied from standard eCommerce images from multiple angles around the product to close-ups and break-apart renders that only the power of 3D rendering can achieve.

The Results

Our friends at GoTrax were extremely pleased with the overall level of quality and detail we were able to capture with these renders. We had a blast creating them and look forward to many more projects down the road!