Primed4U Phone Accessories

When Primed4U reached out to us to help improve their marketing content, we knew that our 3D product renderings would have to stand out amongst the crowd.

The Task

The founder of Primer4U, a cellphone accessory and case brand, reached out to us because they were in need of multiple images of their iPhone cases and earbuds for their website and Amazon. They explained how they were a private label brand and, therefore, would not be able to provide any 3D CAD files, but could provide photographic reference and physical samples for us to work from. We informed them that that would be enough for us to be able to provide them with the quality results they were looking for.

The Process

The first phase of the process involved the creation of accurate and detailed 3D textured models of each design. For this project, we had to design models for three cases and a pair of headphones. Our artists cross-referenced multiple photos and thoroughly analyzed each detail of the designs to produce quality 3D models that were highly accurate representations of the real case designs. Once the models were completed, we could then render them from any camera angle.

Our client wanted several renderings for each case including White Background, Info-Graphic, and Lifestyle designs.

We also provided strategic assistance by helping them with competitor comparisons, figuring out what product features were most important, and determining what design style would be most beneficial given their demographics and target market.

And, to cap things off, we had to create multiple color variations of each design as well.

The Results

This project certainly presented several layers of complexity. From having to create detailed 3D models essentially from scratch to producing a multitude of renderings across different image types, our artists really had to pull out all the stops.