Thumm & Co

TCO 2000 Series Watches

There's just something special about rendering watches. It seems to be the perfect medium to capture the extremely fine details of a watch with a level of precision that is rivaled only by the timekeepings precise movement.

The Task

In 2022 we were contacted by the head of marketing and operations for Thumm & Co, a direct to consumer watch brand, who was seeking a way to improve on their existing product photography. Their goal was for us to help them produce a series of 3D renderings that would showcase their men's watch collection from various angles and focus on specific design elements.

The Process

Before production began, we helped put together a scope of work that would cover all of the clients' needs. We set out to create multiple angles for all 4 watches within the men's collection. Each design was similar in terms of the case, bezel, face, and markings. The main differences were the materials and straps. In addition to the above, we were also provided with 3D CAD files and physical samples of the watches to have the best reference possible to work from.

The first phase of production involved taking the clients existing 3D CAD files and optimizing them for photo-realistic rendering. In addition, we also had to re-design some of the elements, like the leather strap, so that we could have more control and get a better quality rendering than the CAD file would have offered. When it came to the modeling process, our artists paid close attention to every detail right down to the stitching on the strap.

After the 3D assets were modeled and textured, we began to stage and light the shots. We were instructed that these designs should be showcased on a black background and as such created lighting setups that would highlight the watches best against such a background.

This mainly focused on high contrast, dramatic lighting, with the added addition of some post effects such as lens glare and depth of field.

The Results

After a few rounds of iterations the designs were officially approved. We really enjoyed the opportunity to produce renderings for such an elegant design and we look forward to working with Thumm & Co again.