The Slipps Co

Prima Ballet Shoe

These fun, colorful, and whimsical designs were created to visualize a new line of childrens' ballet shoes.

The Task

In 2023, the founder of The Slipps Co. reached out to us seeking 3D product renderings for their new line of childrens' ballet shoes. These renders would be used for their website, but rather than just producing the standard white background renderings, we were presented with a vision to create thematic and kid friendly lifestyle renderings based on the color of each shoe.

The Process

With the main focus being the ballet shoe, we received a physical sample directly from the client and our artists created a custom 3D model with detail down to the velro and stitching. We also art directed the look of the shoe so that it would appear as though a foot was actually inside giving the design a bit more rigidness and perfection.

Each color of the shoe (6 in total) was to receive a custom 3D background with the shoe featued on a pedestal.

The direction was to create fun and kid friendly designs for each color. Imagation and creativity were key themes.

We utilized basic color pallettes and the following descriptions for our overall inspiration.

Sky Blue

Puffy white clouds and a sky blue background

Lavender Purple

Garden-like with a flower wall backdrop

Ballerina Pink

Paying tribute to the classis ballet items

Flamingo Pink

Fun props with flamingos as a design lead

Mint Green

Ice cream themed with sprinkles

Midnight Black

Moon and stars with a gold and black pallette

The Results

With the backgrounds fully staged, we produced a total of 36 renderings, 6 angles of the shoe x 6 colors, to showcase these designs to the world. We had such a fun time working on these creative and unique designs and hope that they will attract a whole new generation of children to the world of ballet.