The Ridge Wallet

We were hired to enhance the quality and realism of The Ridge Wallet's existing product imagery for their entire product line of popular minimalistic wallets for their website and additional marketing material.

The Task

In 2020, we were contacted by the Creative Director of The Ridge Wallet who was looking to produce photo-realistic 3D product renderings of their wallet designs for eCommerce and social media marketing purposes. When we were approached, they already had fairly decent imagery of their products, but we were tasked with the goal of elevating their designs even further to reach an even better and more detailed level of quality.

The Process

In addition to receiving their engineering 3D CAD files, the Creative Director was also able to provide us with physical product samples so we could truly assess the intricacy of the designs and materials. After some basic modeling adjustments and optimization of the CAD files along with the creation of some money and credit cards we had all the assets in place to produce some truly high-quality renderings.

First, we staged each shot so that we could get camera angle and composition approval.

We provided the client with some preview "clay" style renderings so they could be sure their designs were moving in the right direction.

Then we lit each shot with particular attention to smaller details such as the grooves on the screws. We also had to make sure the lighting accurately portrayed each surface materials color and texture. After a couple minor rounds of iterations we were able to finalize our setup and proceed with final quality renderings.

The Results

Each Ridge Wallet design we rendered came in two styles (clip and strap versions) and 4 color/material options. Once we had approval on the initial design, we were able to take full advantage of the power of 3D rendering by re-using our existing scene setup (with some minor edits) to produce high-quality and consistent images across the entire product line.