Pressed Juicery

Pressed Juicery

We produced a series of 3D package renderings for Pressed Juicery. These renderings were designed to improve our client's existing photography by being cleaner, more consistent, and of higher quality.

The Task

We were hired to create group-style 3D package renderings featuring a number of Pressed Juicery's natural juice products. Utilizing provided photographic reference, physical samples, and 2D label artwork files, our ultimate goal was to produce photo-realistic product renderings that would showcase each arrangement in a bright and attractive style.

The Process

Before any renderings could be created, our artists first had to build quality 3D models for both the 15.2oz and 2oz bottles. These models had to be highly accurate and contain all of the structural elements of their real-life counterparts or the renderings would never be truly photo-realistic.

After the 3D models were approved, we began setting up the overall composition for each unique arrangement.

Of the 15 renderings we ultimately produced, most of them were designed to use the same bottle arrangement with changes only to the SKU's that were shown.

After a bit of trial and error to get the camera angles perfect, we were ready to tackle the most challenging aspect of this project.

Lighting see-through packages, particularly ones with liquids, can be a tricky process. The specifics of the materials and the lighting setup all have to come together to create realistic looking results. Not only did we have to make sure to accurately match the color of the liquid, but we also had to correctly account for other properties of the juices such as texture, refraction, and most importantly, sub-surface scattering, or how light gets dispersed as it passes through a surface. Without the proper setup, this process could lead to poor quality renderings that don't accurately represent their real life counterparts.

The Results

Our artists spent a good deal of time perfecting each of these shots so that the final images would look both highly realistic and refreshing. Thanks to the reference we were provided with and the skill-set of our team, we were able to achieve our goal and produce clean, high-quality, and consistent results across the entire product line.