About the Project

We produced several 3D product animations for Thinkmodo, a viral marketing company, to help them supplement their existing live action footage. These videos are the very definition of bizarre and, well, perhaps you should just see them for yourself.

3D Product Animation
March 2017

The Task

In 2016, we were contacted by the co-founder of Thinkmodo, a viral marketing company specializing in creating some of the most watched and shared viral videos in the world. Looking to add to their already impressive experience producing live action footage, they reached out to us to develop a relationship with a 3D animation company who could provide supplemental product animation content for use in their videos. Over the course of two years, we produced several 3D product animations that were used in their productions.

The Process: Automated Selfie Stick

The first 3D animation we produced was a relatively short sequence which highlighted three features for a new "Selfie Stick". Features included "automatic extension" for the arm, fan blades to capture that perfect "hair in the wind" shot, and LED lights for night time photography.

The Process: David Ortiz's Jerky Drone

Another animation we had the privilege of working on was for a drone chopping block. That's right, you heard us correctly, a drone chopping block! This product was designed to link to your smartphone and follow you wherever you go to ensure you were never out of arms reach of your favorite snack. Our animation helped showcase the internal components and the basic design. David Ortiz certainly looks happy with this product!

The Process: Hum Rider

Ever wish you can just drive over all that traffic on your commute home? Well now you can with the Hum Rider, a one of a kind hydraulic car lift that literally allows you to drive over the traffic. For this animation, we had to create a more technical style 3D animation whose sole focus was to demonstrate the transition from "regular" vehicle to "traffic conqueror".

The Results

If you haven't figured it out yet, none of these products actually exist, with the exception of the prototypes used in the videos. We know, total bummer, right? Each design simply served as a creative way to capture the viewers attention for promotional purposes. The Selfie Stick was created to promote Season 2 of Lifetime's UnREAL. The Jerky Drone was created to promote the Chef's Cut Real Jerky brand. And the Hum Rider was created to promote the company Hum, a smart car device company.

We want to make it clear that our involvement on these videos was strictly related to the 3D animated aspects. We give full credit to the brilliant minds over at Thinkmodo for coming up with these amazing and hilarious ideas. Working with a company like Thinkmodo was an incredibly fun and rewarding experience and we are extremely grateful to have played a small role in the production of these videos.

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