Sonic Blocks

About the Project

​In 2015, we were approached by the creator of Sonic Blocks who shared with us his aspirations to to create a product that would revolutionize the way we listen to and experience our music.

3D Product Animation
Sonic Blocks
November 2015

The Task

Looking to raise capital via a crowdfunding campaign, we were hired by the founder of Sonic Blocks and were asked to take their existing 3D CAD files and use them to produce a series of photo-realistic 3D product renderings featuring a proprietary modular speaker system. Our clients goal was to use these designs to raise consumer awareness about their new product while also showcasing the design to potential investors.

Sonic Blocks modular speaker system 3D rendering on dark background with lens glare effects

The Process

The first phase of production was to evaluate the client's provided 3D CAD files and optimize them for photo-realistic rendering purposes. The biggest challenge here was on the speaker grills. Adding all of those holes presented a unique challenge because trying to add them directly into the geometry created a design that was overly complex and causing issues. After some back and forth trial and error, our artists came up with a solution to the problem that simplified the grill geometry, but still produced realistic results.

With that initial challenge out of the way, we turned our focus to the rest of the design. This included creating photo-realistic materials for all of the surfaces and "rigging" the product so that all of the arms and hinges could be re-positioned as needed.

Sonic blocks modular speakers in one and two stack assembly setups

The Results

Once the setup to the CAD files was complete, our artists created Hero and Break-Apart style renderings that showcased the product in all forms. We didn't stop there though. We enjoyed working on this project so much that we couldn't resist producing a 3D animation that would showcase exactly what makes this product, and 3D animations in general, so special.

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