Safran Cabin

About the Project

We produced this series of high quality photo-realistic 3D product renderings for a line of airline cabin products.

3D Product Rendering
Safran Cabin
December 2019

The Task

In 2019, we were approached by Safran Cabin, a company that specializes in the production and manufacturing of airline cabin products such as trolleys, coffee makers, beverage chillers, etc. They expressed their desire to improve the quality and consistency of their product imagery and we explained how we could help.

Safran's Cabin manual espresso maker 3D rendering on white background

The Process

Safran Cabin was able to provide photographic reference and 3D CAD files for each of the eight products they wanted to have us render. Before we could start though, we had to go through each file and make several adjustments to optimize them for photo-realistic 3D rendering. Given the complexity and number of parts, this proved to be a necessary, but fairly intricate part of the process that made future work more efficient.

We knew our artists would have no problem providing high quality images, but in order to ensue we delivered on improving image consistency across their product line, we first established set camera angles for each product. Most products were to be rendered from the same three perspectives, but there were also some specific close-up shots requested as well.

Ensuring continuity across multiple camera setups, materials, colors, lighting, etc. are just one of the great advantages that 3D rendering can offer over traditional photography. Oh, and we should also mention that we did all this without having to request a single physical product shipped to us.

Safran Cabin's trash compactor perspective rendering on white background

The Results

After a few rounds of iterations and revisions, we received approval to proceed with final quality renderings. We brought those renderings into Photoshop for a bit of post production manipulation to accommodate certain client specific stylistic preferences and to ensure that the final designs were perfect!

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