Rebound with Sound Logo

About the Project

A quick, but fun 3D intro logo animation designed to help kick-start educational music videos for children.

3D Product Animation
Rebound with Sound
June 2012

The Task

Rebound with Sound, an educational music video program designed for kids, hired us to produce an introductory 3D logo animation to be used at the start of their videos which help to educate elementary school children on a variety of subjects. Not only did we love the concept of finding new ways to engage students, Rebound with Sound allowed us basically full creative control in the entire conceptualization and production process.

Rebound with Sound logo spelled with kids building toy blocks

The Process

We had very little information to work from for this project. At the time, there wasn't even a static 2D logo. Just a name. Since the creative direction for this project was so open-ended, we began the process of conceptualizing an intro video by presenting and brainstorming several ideas. We knew we wanted to come up with something that would be appealing to kids, but also memorable, if only for a few quick seconds.

The idea of using toy blocks was instantly appealing as it hit all the boxes of what we wanted to achieve by allowing us to visualize the name of the program in a colorful, playful, and youthful way. Once we had a solid foundation for the concept, we began modeling and texturing the 3D blocks based on photographic reference we gathered. We also decided to replace several of the letters with symbols and music notes to further emphasize our theme.

At this point, we knew the design was heading in a solid direction, but it really started to come to life when we began setting up the animation. We were able to animate the music notes and speaker blocks using the simple, but catchy rhythm that was provided by the client. Getting the simulation and physics to appear realistic took some fine tuning, but after some trial and error we were there.

The Results

To wrap things up, we built a basic wood floor surface for our design to sit on and then lit the scene. Lastly, we rendered the frames and applied some final post production to tie everything together. While no longer one of our most recent projects, it is forever one of our favorites and working on it definitely brought out the child in all of us.

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