QMotion Shades

About the Project

We produced this 3D product animation which was designed to showcase the installation process and features of the automated roller shade product developed by QMotion Shades.

3D Product Animation
QMotion Shades
May 2018

The Task

Our goal for QMotion Shades was to visualize their automatic shade system and showcase the basic installation and features through a quality 3D animation accompanied by both voice-over and background music.

QMotion automated roller shade produce rendering assembly

The Process

To properly tell this story, we knew that we'd first have to invest the necessary time to learn about the product and the specific needs of our client. We also received 3D CAD files and began the basic setup and optimization of them that would be needed for producing a photo-realistic 3D product animation.

Once we had a solid understanding of the product and the reference, we began blocking out the main shots of the animation which were guided by the voice-over that was provided. It was very important that each shot of the animation coincided logically with the voice-over so the two would blend seamlessly and enhance the story being told.

To further demonstrate the product, we also designed a 3D room environment so that the viewer could better visualize the specifics of the installation and final look of the design in a simulated setting. Once the animation sequence was approved, we finalized textures, materials, and lighting to give the 3D assets their final look.

Roller shade motor assembly

The Results

The final animation has been used on our client's website and YouTube page to help educate the customers and market their product. We had a great time developing this animation and it's just another way that shows how the flexibility of 3D animation can help visualize a product better than any other medium.

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