Primed4U Headphones

About the Project

Utilizing provided photographic reference, we produced high-quality 3D product renderings for Primed4U's headphones in white background, infographic, and lifestyle designs.

3D Product Rendering
August 2015

The Task

After successfully completing the product renderings for Primed4U's phone cases, we were once again hired to produce high quality 3D product renderings for Primed4U's headphones. As with the phone cases, we were asked to produce white background, info-graphic, and lifestyle renderings to showcase these designs in all forms for eCommerce marketing purposes.

Primed4U headphones lined up in blue, green, orange, purple, and black colors

The Process

Perhaps one of the most challenging and time consuming aspects of this project was simply creating the headphone 3D model. The design, for which we had physical samples and photographic references, but no 3D CAD file, was tricky given the organic nature of the structure. Not only were there a number of smaller details that needed to be conveyed, but the design doesn't really have any flat edges making it difficult to assess precise measurements. Our artists really had to model this product entirely by eye, a challenging, but rewarding process which takes a great amount of attention to detail to get right.

Once the structure of the 3D model was complete, our artists setup the textures and materials for each surface and then began establishing camera angles based on prior discussions with the client. We needed to produce multiple creative compositions that not only showcased the design in an attractive way, but also informed the customer of the specific product features.

After several tweaks and iterations to get the initial designs perfect, we then created color variation renderings based on our initial setup. Since the only change to these designs was the color of the product, we were able to provide these renderings in a fraction of the time and cost of the original designs.

Young man hiking while wearing Primed4U headphone product

The Results

The end results produced a series of high-quality, photo-realistic white background, info-graphic, and lifestyle renderings that would be perfect for our client's website and pages.

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