Performance Brands

About the Project

We produced photo-realistic 3D product package renderings for Performance Brands, Inc., a supplement, hair, and body company that has been around since 1987, utilizing their provided 2D label artwork files and photographic product reference. With laser attention to detail and style, we provide an ongoing service for their package rendering needs.

3D Package Rendering
Performance Brands
December 2019

The Task

In 2019, we were approached by the folks over at Performance Brands, Inc. who were looking to learn more about our 3D package rendering services and how we might be able to provide value to them. They explained to us that they were already familiar with 3D rendering, but were looking for a new vendor who could provide a better overall quality of service. After explaining our process with them, they gave us an opportunity to show them what we could really do.

Steel Slim nutrition capsule container package renderings

The Process

First, we had to build 3D models for each unique package structure. In addition to the 3D modeling, we had to be mindful of their label style which not only gets printed in multiple finishes, but also contains embossed graphics, adding an extra level of complexity. To achieve a realistic look for each finish, we had to work with their label artwork files and generate the necessary textures that would make up the final look for each material.

After we completed the 3D textured models, we began producing progress renderings to establish an approved style for each unique container design. We had to make sure everything from the camera angle, to the lighting, to the reflections and highlights felt just right. Once we had an approved style for each package structure, we then provided final quality 3D renderings for multiple SKU's and spin views.

Steel Pump nutrition capsule container package renderings

The Results

Now, when there's a new product SKU or some updates to a label requiring new product imagery, they can simply send us their updated label artwork files and we can provide new renderings in a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional photography.

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