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About the Project

Utilizing provided label artwork files and photographic reference, we produced multiple 3D package renderings for a startup supplement company to aid their marketing material and help drive sales.

3D Package Rendering
Nutrients Solutions
April 2018

The Task

In 2018, Nutrients Solutions, a start up supplement company, reached out to us to produce 3D package renderings for their first line of supplement products. Knowing firsthand the amount of work it takes to start a company, we were happy to help them produce photo-realistic 3D product renderings so they could succeed in the highly competitive supplement market.

Stem Sugar 3D package rendering showing front and side view of capsule container

The Process

Creating a high-quality design that showcased the product was of utmost importance and our first steps involved building a realistic 3D model of the container and shrink sleeve label matching the reference and dimensions with which we were provided.

The main challenge this project presented involved the stylistic setup for the materials and lighting. The label was meant to have a glossy finish, but also had some metallic printed aspects. These aspects had to be carefully manipulated to match the reflection and highlight style our client wanted.

To allow for more flexibility and control, we rendered out multiple passes of the image separately (lighting, color, reflection, specular, etc.) and composited those elements together in post production to achieve the specific style our client requested. This technique, only applicable using 3D rendering, allows for an unprecedented level of control when it comes to fine tuning particular aspects of an image.

Nutrient Solutions shrink wrap label container product SKU's

The Results

We not only produced a front view rendering, but we also created two side panel views at a fraction of the initial cost since we were able to re-use aspects from the front view setup. Eventually, we also rendered several other SKU's, again at a cheaper cost and time frame than the original design and all without receiving a single physical product in our hands.

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