Mugzie Drink Cup

About the Project

We produced the following 3D product animation showcasing the features and design of a drinking cup with interchangeable sleeve covers.

3D Product Animation
Art Plates
March 2016

The Task

In 2016, we we hired by Art Plates, an online retailer specializing in custom designed household products, to produce a 3D product animation of an interchangeable drinking cup called the Mugzie Travel Mug. We were provided with 3D CAD files for the body of the cup as well as designs for the prints, but all remaining aspects would have to be produced on our end.

Mugzie drink tumbler cups in different patterns

The Process

Prior to beginning the animation, we had to take the existing 3D CAD files for both mug sizes and design the fabric sleeves that would be placed over them. There was some complexity involved as we not only had to model the stitching which would be seen on the backside of the sleeve, but we also had to create a material for the sleeve that made it look as though each design was printed on a fabric surface.

Once the 3D assets were designed in full, our primary guide for coming up with the direction for each sequence of the animation came directly from the on-screen text that was provided to us. We still had to use our creativity to establish shots that showcased the necessary features and created a simple enough flow from one sequence to the next. One of the main challenges here was making sure to frame each shot well enough, given the vertical nature of the product, and also leave enough space and time for the on-screen text.

Mugzie drink cup product assembly

The Results

The final 3D animation is a light, easy to watch video that demonstrates the key features of the product.

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