About the Project

LIFX was one of the first companies with an innovative new LED smart bulb that could connect with your smartphone to illuminate it with any color in the spectrum. To help launch their first two products, they reached out to us to produce some 3D renderings for showcasing their new designs.

3D Product Rendering
May 2015

The Task

Utilizing provided 3D CAD files, we were asked to produce high-quality photo-realistic 3D product renderings of two new LED smart bulb products which were to be used primarily for packaging design. The overall request was relatively straightforward, but in order to achieve the results the client was looking for, a certain level of detail and style would have to be considered.

LIFX A19 smart bulb product package rendering on white background

The Process

After preliminary discussions with the client were complete, we took their 3D CAD files and began optimizing them for photo-realistic rendering. This included some general cleaning up of the model and then texture mapping of the surfaces. We knew these renderings were going to be printed at a fairly high resolution so small details in the surface texture could not be ignored. Photographic reference provided by the client was immensely helpful for this process.

Once we had a usable 3D textured asset, we then began staging and lighting each shot based on the chosen style and specification requested by the client. We knew the general camera angle and style they wanted, but it still took some creativity on our end to fill in some of the gaps in their direction.

LIFX smart bulb product package rendering on white background

The Results

At the end of the day, these designs were printed directly on each product's packaging to first grab the attention of a customer as they walk down the aisle. We've even stumbled upon these products on the shelves of major retailers. We can only hope that our designs have helped in some small way to aid the success of these products.

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