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About the Project

Utilizing provided photographic reference and 2D label artwork files, we produced 3D package renderings for LifeAid Beverages product line featuring designs both with and without condensation.

3D Package Rendering
LifeAid Beverage Company
October 2018

The Task

Our goal for this project was to create high-quality 3D renderings of LifeAid Beverages 12oz supplement cans. We were provided with photographic reference and 2D label artwork files as well as some stylistic direction. The client also requested that we provide renderings of each can both with and without condensation.

LifeAid Supplement Beverages family shot of 8oz skinny cans on white background

The Process

After thoroughly going over our client's needs, our artist began creating a 3D model of the 12oz can matching the structure based on provided photos and dimensions. From there, we began working on the materials and lighting setup for the non-condensation images.

From a stylistic standpoint, we went through several iterations until the overall lighting setup, highlights, and materials were officially approved. Our client wanted a fairly specific look for these designs and thanks to the flexibility of 3D rendering, we were able to adjust all details, right down to a particular highlight placement, to ensure they got the look they were after.

Once we had stylistic approval on the initial designs, we began working on the condensation. There are a number of different ways to approach condensation within 3D software, but ultimately the best approach depends on the desired final look. From droplet size, to density, to wetness, etc. we followed the direction we were given and produced multiple variations for the condensation to ensure each can didn't look exactly the same.

The Results

The end results produced a series of clean white background 3D renderings that featured each SKU in a consistent style and quality. We even added some basic liquid splash effects to the background to give these images a little extra "pop". Ever since completing the initial designs, LifeAid beverages has been able to return to us with new labels and we've been able to provide updated renderings much faster and cheaper than it would've been using traditional photography.

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