Koko Cases

About the Project

Koko Cases, an online retailer and Amazon seller of cell phone accessories, reached out to us to see if we could help them produce several 3D product renderings of their iPhone case product that would stand out in the enormously competitive accessory market.

3D Product Rendering
Koko Cases
February 2016

The Task

Simply put, our goal with this project was to create photo-realistic 3D product renderings of our client's iPhone case design in multiple color variations using only photographic reference and physical samples provided to us.

Gold iPhone case 3D product rendering

The Process

In order to create a realistic looking 3D case model, we took dozens of photographs of the actual case to guide the 3D modeling process. We also knew these renderings would feature a 3D phone asset so we acquired a 3D phone model as a guide to further ensure our case model fit the phone as accurately as possible.

Once we had designed a high quality textured 3D case model, we began planning the composition for each shot. For this process we has to determine which case colors, phone colors, and phone screen images to use. We also had to come up with specific camera angles and 2D graphical elements, particularly for the info-graphic renderings, that would help convey the features we were attempting to showcase.

iPhone case break-apart showing metallic bumper and back plastic

The Results

The final designs we provided our client were used primarily to market their product on eCommerce platforms. Each image and color variation we produced provided consistency and a level of quality that only 3D rendering can deliver.

“The images are absolutely amazing and well above a lot of our competitors standards. I would highly recommend you use Go3DViz, you won't look back."
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