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About the Project

One of the most amazing benefits to 3D rendering technology is that it can greatly simplify the process of producing product imagery while also delivering exceptional quality and realism. For companies like Parker Hannifin, their need to produce large volumes of consistent product renderings combined with their ability to provide 3D CAD files presented the perfect opportunity for us to help them increase efficiency and reduce costs in their content creation process.

3D Product Rendering
Parker Hannifin
August 2019

The Task

Parker Hannifin, a global leader in motion and control technologies, contacted us to see if we could provide 3D rendering assistance for a number of their industrial component products. They explained to us that they were looking to update the quality of their images which were mainly used in their online catalogs. In the past, many of their designs were either poorly rendered or done via traditional photography. We explained to them how we could improve their image quality while still keeping relative costs and logistical complexities to a minimum.

Industrial component hero style rendering with concrete background and light effects

The Process

Provided with 3D CAD files for each of their components, our artists first had to optimize the 3D models for photo-realistic rendering. In addition, we also had to add threading detail to many of the components (a feature that was not directly included in the provided 3D CAD files).

Once the 3D models were fully prepped, materials and textures were created and assigned to each component based on provided documentation from the client. When working on the initial design, several test renderings were produced utilizing different material and lighting styles until one setup was approved. This approach allowed us to re-purpose multiple aspects of our setup across each design, thus creating a more streamlined workflow.

Industrial component hero style rendering with nuts, bolts, and components flying apart

The Results

Without the use of 3D rendering, Parker Hannifin would literally have had to ship dozens of components to a photography studio and then hope for relative consistency across each image. 3D product rendering alleviated the logistical complexity and guaranteed that each design would look perfect!

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