Impact Dog Crates

About the Project

Utilizing provided 3D CAD files and photographic reference, we produced high-quality photo-realistic 3D product renderings of multiple dog crate designs. This project is a great example of how 3D product rendering can be faster, cheaper, and simpler than traditional photography.

3D Product Rendering
Impact Dog Crates
June 2018

The Task

In 2018, we were approached by the company Impact Dog Crates who were looking for ways to improve the quality of their eCommerce product imagery. Having used only traditional photography in the past, they explained to us that, given the number of SKU's and color options for each of their products, the process was proving expensive, time consuming, and logistically complicated. We told them about our process and how 3D product rendering could provide a solution to all of their concerns.

Impact Dog Crate 3D product rendering

The Process

Since Impact Dog Crates was able to provide 3D CAD files of their designs to us, we were already at a head start compared to traditional photography. With some optimization, we were able to render their CAD models and produce images without the complication of having the company ship a single product to us.

For each crate design, we established a similar camera angle and lighting setup to ensure image consistency across all SKU's. This same concept was applied to all of the color variations that each design required. Essentially, our artists were able to design a master template that could be used across all designs. This allows for perfect continuity throughout each rendering and cheaper and faster results for color variations.

In addition to the main hero image for each crate, we were also asked to produce several detail shots that highlighted specific aspects of the designs. These renderings required their own custom lighting setups with closer attention to overall detail and textures.

Dog crate close-up handle

The Results

This project is a great example of how our 3D product rendering process enabled us to provide higher quality images in a faster and more cost effective manner than traditional photography. And, to cap off the simplicity, this was all achieved without the client having to ship a single product to us.

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