Flow Series

About the Project

Why kill two birds with one stone when you can kill three, metaphorically speaking, of course. After we completed BioBidet's Prodigy 3D animation, we were asked to produce three more animations for their Flow line of faucets. Given the similarities of each design, we were able to come up with a strategy that allowed us to produce each animation without having to design all of them completely from scratch, saving both time and money while still producing high quality content for each.

3D Product Animation
April 2020

The Task

Shortly after we completed the Prodigy 3D Animation for BioBidet, they reached back out to us to discuss producing three more 3D animations showcasing their very successful line of kitchen faucets called Flow. Each animation featuring the Flow, Flow X, and Flow Classic would utilize a similar animation sequence and highlight specific product features and installation.

Flow faucet series with motion activated feature

The Process

After learning more about the products and coming up with a detailed outline for each animation, our artists began the optimization of the 3D CAD files that BioBidet had provided. Once the CAD files were ready for rendering, we produced a series of progress renderings for stylistic approval.

BioBidet wanted the animation to take place in a simplistic setting for the features sequences and a kitchen environment for the installation sequence. We brainstormed multiple environment styles before landing on the final look.

For the animation and overall motion, our goal was to convey each feature all within a single fluid camera movement with pauses during each feature call-outs. Then, for the installation sequence, we needed to smoothly transition into the kitchen environment and showcase each step of the installation.

Flow faucet 3D rendering with smart latch feature

The Results

Once we had approval on the animation, timing, and framing, we began the final rendering process for the initial Flow animation. To produce the remaining animations for the Flow X and Flow Classic, we were conveniently able to re-purpose much of the setup from the Flow so that we could provide these two additional animations both faster and cheaper than the initial design.

“The communication was exceptional. They have set a new standard for our business and will undoubtedly hear from us for future projects.”
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