About the Project

Since 2018, we have provided the Dermalogica brand with photo-realistic 3D package renderings of a number of their products using provided photographic reference and 2D label artwork files. Our designs have been used for eCommerce, packaging, and product development purposes.

3D Package Rendering
April 2020

The Task

In 2018, we were contacted by Dermalogica, a health and skincare company seeking a vendor who could provide 3D product package renderings for two of their new products. We didn't stop there, however. Since 2018, we have continued to provide 3D package rendering services on request for a number of their products.

Dermlogica Active Clay Cleanser products on black background with lens effects

The Process

Each time a new design is requested, we receive label artwork files and some basic reference photos so we can better visualize the product. From there, our artists begin to craft the 3D package model, typically some type of container, spray bottle, or box. We pay close attention to each detail and, once the 3D model is complete, we accurately map the label artwork and apply realistic materials to each surface. Then the designs are lit and rendered based on Dermalogica's preferred stylistic preferences.

While the overall process is similar to other brands, one of the key differences is that we don't always have final designs to work from. Many of the designs don't yet exist and are merely concepts that the marketing team wishes to try out. We are able to provide these renderings based on client direction so they can try out new ideas and experiment with different concepts, all without the high product development costs.

Dermalogica Fizz Mask, Booster, and Clearing Defense product packages

The Results

Whether our renderings are created for existing designs or just concepts, we are able to provide Dermalogica with photo-realistic imagery that can be used on their website, packaging, or just internally for discussion and product development purposes.

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