Clear Genius Water Filter

About the Project

Our 3D product rendering and animation services helped launch the Clear Genius Water Filter product by providing marketing material that was used for both eCommerce and product packaging purposes.

3D Product Animation
Black Sheep Cooperative
June 2015

The Task

In 2015, we were approached by Black Sheep Cooperative, a marketing agency based out of Maplewood, Missouri. They were seeking a 3D product rendering company to help assist them with the creation of marketing material for one of their client's newest products, the Clear Genius Water Filter. Our goal was to produce a series of 3D product renderings and a looping 3D animation to be used as a header for their upcoming website launch.

Clear Genius water filter device cup, cap and filter

The Process

Provided with 3D CAD files of the water filter, we first began the typical setup which includes CAD file optimization and material and texture creation. We also needed to create the re-usable cartridge from scratch using provided photographic reference.

Once the 3D assets were completely set up, our artists began staging each shot according to client-provided direction and our own creative judgement. Each shot was carefully staged and lit to ensure the highest quality results.

After we completed the still renderings, we began the production of the 3D animation. This was intended to be a short looping animation with the primary focus simply to showcase the design and components of the product.

Clear genius water filter cap

The Results

Launching a new product is never easy and the need for high-quality marketing material can be a challenge. We're glad that we can help provide companies who have innovative new products like the Clear Genius Water Filter with high-quality marketing material that can be used to showcase their designs in both digital and print form.

"Go3DViz was amazing to work with. Their communication was top notch and only surpassed by their talent. We were extremely happy with the results of the project. 5 stars, no question!"
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