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About the Project

In 2018, Calu Commerce, an online digital retailer, reached out to us looking to improve their product imagery with the help of our 3D product rendering services.

3D Product Rendering
Calu Commerce
July 2018

The Task

Our goal with this project was to produce multiple photo-realistic 3D renderings of Calu Commerce's monocular telescope for digital marketing purposes. The main challenge with this project was to create Hero, White Background, and Info-Graphic renderings that would help the product stand out on Amazon's highly competitive marketplace. After a few initial conversations to learn more about our client's vision and goals, we were all set to get started.

Monocular telescope with green lens and compass

The Process

For this project, we were not supplied with a 3D CAD model so the first step was to design a highly detailed 3D model from provided client reference. To ensure 100% accuracy, we cross-referenced photos and dimensions taken from the actual product and produced a 3D model that would look perfect from any camera angle.

Next we created photo-realistic textures and materials that were applied to the surface of the model to complete the asset creation process. This process took a great a deal of attention, but eventually we had a usable 3D model that could be rendered from any camera angle.

Monocular telescope info-graphic style rendering highlighting product features

The Results

Once the model was complete, our artist staged each shot, putting particular emphasis on the info-graphic rendering which not only needed to showcase the external aspects of the product but some of the internal components as well. The end result were designs that would help attract new customers and educate them about the product.

“Their attention to detail and quality are unparalleled with other businesses I've worked with. They've definitely made a long term customer with me!”
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