Blink XT2

About the Project

Utilizing provided 3D CAD files, we produced a looping spin 360 3D animation for the Blink XT security camera.

3D Product Animation
June 2019

The Task

In 2019, we were contacted by Blink, a home security company backed by Amazon, seeking a 3D product animation for their newest product, the Blink XT2. After discussing their needs, we learned that our goal was to produce a high-quality 10-15 second looping spin 360 3D animation with a basic break-apart sequence showcasing the inside of the back panel.

Blink XT2 home security camera front view rendering on white background

The Process

Armed with 3D CAD files, photographic reference, and some basic direction from the client, we first did a thorough examination of the 3D CAD file and made some basic optimizations to ensure the design would render at a photo-realistic level of quality. From there, our artist began creating and applying materials and surface textures based on the photographic reference we had received from the client. Each material surface was thoroughly detailed to ensure we conveyed the real would surfaces and textures of each component.

For the animation, we used our creative judgement to determine the best timing and angles throughout the sequence. While not an overly complex sequence by any means, it's still important that the animation reads well to the viewer and all aspects the client wanted to see were properly highlighted in a clean and organized manner. After a few tweaks, we had animation approval from the client.

Blink XT2 home security camera perspective view rendering on white background

The Results

The final animation was rendered using a production studio style lighting setup for a neutral, but polished feel, and placed on a white background with a subtle shadow beneath the product to help ground the product in space. After providing the client with a few preview renderings for stylistic approval, we proceeded with final quality rendering of all frames of the animation, brought those frames into post production for some basic color correction, and then rendered out the final animation sequence that you see below.

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