BellaVita Essentials

About the Project

Utilizing 2D label artwork files and photographic reference, we produced the following photo-realistic 3D package renderings for BellaVita Essentials night cream jar and box packaging for digital marketing purposes.

3D Package Rendering
BellaVita Essentials
May 2016

The Task

In 2016, we were approached by BellaVita Essentials, a relatively new skin care company seeking quality images for their line of products. After reviewing our website, they contacted us to learn more about our services. One of the initial products we discussed was their rejuvenating night cream product which needed two clean, high-quality 3D renderings featuring the jar with the lid off and the jar and box alongside one another.

BellaVita night cream jar open

The Process

Production began with the creation of both 3D models of the box and the jar. Our artists designed accurate 3D models based on photographic reference and product dimensions. Every detail from the threading on the neck of the jar to the cream inside was carefully constructed for maximum quality.

Once the 3D models were approved from a structural standpoint, our artists began staging each shot. To ensure we were headed in the right direction, we provided preview quality renderings specifically for camera angle approval prior to moving on to the final phases of production.

The most challenging aspect of this project was lighting each shot. While the box may have been fairly basic, the jar was made up of several finishes including a matted semi-transparent body, chrome accents, and of course the cream. These types of materials can be very tricky to light using traditional photography methods, or even for less experienced 3D artists. After some fine tuning, we were able to create controlled studio lighting setups that delivered the quality and style we were after.

BellaVita night cream jar and box rendering

The Results

When it comes to creating clean, clear, white background style renderings featuring your product, you simply can't beat the level of quality and flexibility that 3D rendering has to offer. These designs for BellaVita Essentials were used as their primary eCommerce marketing material to showcase their product.

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