About the Project

Utilizing provided photographic reference and label artwork files, Beetanicals hired us to create 3D product package renderings for their line of healthcare and body products.

3D Package Rendering
Beetanicals, LLC
August 2019

The Task

Produce clean, high-quality, and photo-realistic 3D package renderings of Beetanicals product line for eCommerce purposes. The main challenge here, as with most package design projects, is that we knew each product would have to be 3D modeled from scratch and that we'd have to establish an approved level of style that could be used across all SKUs for overall consistency.

Lip balm family shot on wood panel surface

The Process

Once we received the label artwork files, we exported the necessary graphics from Adobe Illustrator to use as label textures during the 3D production process. Next, with the help of provided photographic reference, we constructed a detailed 3D model for each unique package, paying close attention to the structural and surface complexity.

The next phase was to focus on delivering an approved front view rendering of just one SKU for each product. Since the client had multiple SKU variations and also wanted multiple views of the products, we knew it would be best to first establish an approved style before applying what we had created onto all SKUs. This reduces potential revisions and streamlines the overall process.

Lavender hand and body cream in bathroom with towels and purple flowersr

The Results

When our initial designs were approved, all that was left to do was to apply what we had set up to all SKUs for each product. As such, this process took a fraction of the time compared to the initial setup and delivered perfectly consistent results. For the client, the best part is that whenever they have an update to any of their label designs, they know that all they have to do is send the new artwork our way and we can provide updated renderings efficiently and with the confidence that they'll look perfect!

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