Backyard Exterior

About the Project

The following designs were created by our team of artists to showcase our ability to produce detailed and realistic architectural 3D renderings for a range of environments and styles.

Architectural Visualization
May 2022

The Task

We set out to create a series of images to highlight our ability to produce high-quality photo-realistic 3D renderings of both interior and exterior environments. Our goal was to create a range of architectural visualizations that would showcase our capabilities beyond products. The driving force for this decision was our desire to grow and expand our services and to continue push ourselves as 3D artists.

3D architectural endering of a luxry backyard with pool during sunset

The Process

Creating 3D environments is nothing new for us. We've handled environments before these projects, but generally our focus was on the product and the environment was used to supplement the designs usually through lifestyle content. Here, the environments were our primary focus and our process began as it normally does by gathering reference images that would help guide our direction. Eventually we put together a collection of multiple images that we could use as inspiration for each shot.

Once we had determined the general style for each environment, our artists began modeling the layout for the space. For the interior environments we started with the floor plan and for the exterior environments we blocked out the basic composition and major architectural elements. After the initial "block-out" phase was complete, more intricate structural details were modeled to complete the 3D layout. To help bring these scenes to life, we worked from our extensive library of 2D textures for the surfaces and 3D assets for the props and set dressing elements. For the plant life, we utilized industry standard scattering tools that allow for both a high level of control and efficiency for populating a scene.

Each environment was then lit with a combination of different lighting techniques designed to match the style and mood we wanted to achieve for each shot and where applicable, atmospheric settings were applied to add another layer of realism and depth to the images. The raw renderings were then brought into post production for final color correction and post effects.

The Results

No matter the subject, our goal has always been to create high-quality 3D renderings that immerse the viewer. For years we've strived to achieve that goal in the product space and while that will never change, we now hope to provide that same level of quality and immersion with our architectural visualization services. So if you have an architectural project and need 3D renderings or animations to help visualize the space, know that we're ready and eager to assist!

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