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About the Project

There are many different styles of images that can be used to market a product. Sometimes standard white background renderings are enough, but often it can be helpful to display lifestyle renderings that showcase the product situated in a real world setting. These designs can help provide potential customers with a more realistic sense of the product and that's exactly what we set out to create with these renderings.

3D Product Rendering
Austin Airbox
July 2018

The Task

​In 2018, we were approached by the company Austin AirBox, with the hope that we could help them produce several photo-realistic 3D product renderings featuring their air purifier product. The key difference with this project was that they didn't want the standard white background renderings, but rather, lifestyle renderings showcasing the product staged in interior environments.

Austin Airbox white air purifier in living room environment

The Process

When backgrounds and environments come into play, there are several ways to go about handling the production. Do we create custom 3D environments, composite renderings into stock photography, or utilize pre-existing 3D environments? Each option has their own pro's and con's and after evaluating our clients' specific needs, we decided that the best and most efficient approach would be to utilize pre-created 3D interior environments from, a 3rd party website for 3D assets.

This approach allowed us to have the full flexibility and customization that comes with 3D rendering, but since the environments already existed, we were able to fast track the production and produce final designs quicker than if we had to visualize each environment from the ground up.

Austin Airbox white air purifier in office environment

Austin Airbox white air purifier in living room environment

The Results

Once the environments were selected, we designed the AirBox 3D model based on provided photographic reference and rendered out several variations of the product situated in a number of different environments and with multiple finishes applied.

“So easy to work with and great results with little input needed on our end. I would definitely recommend this company!”
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