Should I Hire a 3D Product Animation Service?

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Justin Green
November 8, 2021

f you’ve stumbled across this page, you’ve probably heard of how 3D product animation could help your business and are now looking to learn more about it. You’re not alone! Many more businesses are turning to this form of marketing as a way to convert shoppers into buyers. According to a recent study conducted by Wyzowl, 84% of people say watching a brand’s video has convinced them to purchase a product or service in the past. Now, this doesn’t mean every customer that watches your video would convert, but it gives them another opportunity to consider how your product would benefit them.

So, what is 3D animation and how can an animation of your product benefit your business?

Simply put, photo-realistic three-dimensional models are designed in a digital environment using 3D software and are then carefully manipulated to create the illusion of motion on the screen. With an animated video of your product, you’re able to do almost anything you want! A skilled 3D design studio would be able to collaborate with you and easily help your video concept spring to life. 

Don’t get us wrong, still images are still great and there’s so much that a still image can do for your marketing efforts, but to provide your audience with an extra layer of immersion, having an animation of your product for people to see really can’t be beaten. With the ability to add the element of time, configure compelling camera movement, display product break-apart sequences, and much more, 3D animation is the way to go to visually enhance your product.

Ease of Customization

Changes are inevitable. We get that! This is why having the ability to alter your 3D model at your fingertips is such a desirable feature. Once the model is edited to fit a brand’s specific needs, whether it be a complete design change or simply just changing the texturing or color, the 3D animation can be recreated. With this improving technology, more and more companies are opting for having their product digitally rendered over photoshoots that require extensive scheduling, planning, and funding.

Technicality and Expertise of a Studio

Not everyone who wants to invest in 3D product rendering knows how to go about creating a 3D model or where to even begin. Fortunately, by hiring a studio, you’re also getting their expertise along with their services without having to worry about purchasing any specific 3D software for your company. Ideally, a solid 3D rendering studio would be equipped with everything needed to be able to execute your project as well as assist you with planning and coordination so you can focus on other parts of your business.

High-Quality Renderings

Customers feel a sense of security in being able to preview a product online before they purchase it and the more photorealistic and accurate your rendering is, the more of a positive experience they’ll have. Having a 3D rendering studio create these high-quality product animations through the inclusion of textures, lighting, camera angles, and digitally rendered backgrounds will increase the chances that a customer who watches your video has a good impression of your company.

How can a 3D product animation service help my brand?

Implementing a 3D animation to your marketing campaign could definitely help your brand image as well as the reputation you hold with your customers. Some main points that we’ll be looking at in this section are:

Condense Complicated Ideas

Oftentimes, customers want to know exactly how a product really works before completing their purchase. Unfortunately, with more complex products, providing a written description simply isn’t enough. By creating a 3D animation of your product, you can generate things like a 360 view or even a break-apart view where a customer can see all angles as well as what goes on internally in your product in a short amount of time. An animation could also serve as an instructional video where the function of the product could be explained so that the potential buyer would know exactly how the item works or the necessary steps for installation. The possibilities are endless! With a product that customers can easily understand, they are more likely to go through with the purchasing process and can better trust in both your brand and what you are selling.

Adds a Memorable “Fun” Aspect  

Not every product out there has a video explaining all its features and specifications. This is where you could stand out! Having 3D product animation as a tool in your marketing strategy is great because it also allows you to have another outlet for capturing your audience. Rather than just sticking to an explanatory video, if the tone fits your brand, you could even opt for a more lighthearted animation that takes full advantage of your creativity. If your potential customer is left entertained, there’s a chance that he or she would likely convert from a shopper to a buyer.

Improving Reputation with Customers

A huge benefit of providing a detailed video of your product for your customers is that it helps build their trust for you. They’ll see that you care enough and put in the effort to showcase your product in a way that a still image could not. You’re able to engage and inform your audience in a way that makes them feel like your brand is valuable, which is great if your goal is to boost customer lifetime value.

So, should I hire a 3D product animation service?

If you’re looking for a cost effective tool to efficiently explain your product and its message to your potential customers, looking to hire a studio to help with this could prove to be extremely beneficial. Here at Go3DViz, we specialize in exactly that! 3D animations are complex but we’re able to help you throughout the entire process starting from planning and coordinating all the way to executing within your budget. If you decide that this service might not be the best fit for your needs, we hope that at the very least, this article helped you learn more and develop a better understanding of what 3D product animation is all about.

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