How to Make 3D Product Animation a Profitable Marketing Tool

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Justin Green
November 15, 2021

ith the advancements of digital technology, 3D product animations are quickly becoming the optimal method of showcasing the products a business offers. Users can be instantly engaged and are able to see a product’s features or assembly in a matter of seconds, creating a new level of immersion that still images just can’t provide. 

What is 3D Product Animation?

In essence, with 3D product animation, a three-dimensional model of your product is created and manipulated using 3D software. The model is ultimately rendered as a series of static images which are then comped together to form an animated video sequence. This method is a great way to uniquely explain your product in a professional and visually appealing way that many industries are already adopting.

When the model is being created, 3D artists manipulate many vertices, edges, and faces which are used to form the object creating a 3D mesh that allows the modeler to make adjustments and conform it to the needs of the video. Once the structure of the model is complete, artists then apply textures and materials to the surfaces and finally light the product to create a more realistic and captivating render. 

Benefits of 3D Product Animation

People often question how incorporating 3D product animation into their marketing campaign could be any more effective than what they currently do. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision and decide if this process would be a good fit for your business and for what you’re selling. 

1) Realistic Rendering and Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of working in 3D is that you can showcase your product without being confined to the typical limitations of the real world. 3D rendering allows for full stylistic control of both the visuals and motion. Whether you want a photo-realistic representation or a more stylistic design, rendering has no limitations. Furthermore, the technology enables artists to create complex sequences like break-apart and exploded views which would otherwise be extremely expensive or impossible to produce. 

2) Functionality and Explanation

Some products are best explained when they’re in motion. It’s much easier to understand a product when you can see it working as intended and simple images or lengthy descriptions just aren’t able to provide the same experience. With a 3D animation, you can place your product in an environment that adds context and helps your audience visualize the benefits of them purchasing your product. You can also showcase the assembly and installation of a product, which is much more comprehensive and engaging than what a manual could accomplish. Your 3D animation could tell a story and can easily cater to the emotions of your audience as they picture themselves using your product in their own daily lives.

3) Cost and Efficiency

Depending on what you want to be included in your 3D product animation and who you have working on it, prices are bound to vary. However, as this industry grows, it’s becoming much easier to produce high-quality animations in a timely manner. By utilizing this process as a supplement to your marketing efforts, you’re able to create a visually impactful asset that is considerably much cheaper than a high-quality live-action video. Filming a video in person can quickly get expensive and eat away at your marketing budget, and the time it takes to acquire a team of professionals can be costly as well. By sticking to a 3D product animation, this tool will help you remain authentic to the creative image of your brand while it promotes your product online 24/7. 

4) Boost in SEO

Brand visibility is so important to a company’s long-term success and Google rewards websites in this way when sites are able to generate traffic and maintain a high number of visitors. 3D product animations can serve as a tool that grabs the attention of your audience and provides them with a better user experience as they browse the details of your product. Having a high-quality 3D product animation embedded properly into your website’s code will set you apart from your competition and help Google recognize your site.

Whether or not you decide if using 3D product animation is right for your company and its needs at this time, hopefully now you know enough about its benefits to make a more informed decision in the future. Here at Go3DViz, we specialize in helping businesses plan, coordinate, and execute their vision while working within budget. Feel free to contact us or check out the rest of our website, if you have any questions or would like to learn even more about 3D product animation!

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