Benefits of 3D Product Rendering

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Justin Green
November 1, 2021

ver the past number of years, 3D rendering has widely become the more desirable method of showcasing a company’s product vs. traditional photography.  As 3D technologies have matured, it’s now easier than ever for brands to provide customers with a complete and photo-realistic rendering of their product without having to invest large amounts of their budget into live-action videography or photography. 

What is Photo-Realistic 3D Product Rendering?

3D product rendering is the process of creating a 2D product image from a 3D model through the usage of 3D software. To achieve photo-realistic results, it all starts with the 3D model. From a structural standpoint, the product must be modeled with a high level of detail and accuracy to its real-life counterpart.  Once the model is completed, the 3D artist then applies physically based materials and textures to the surfaces.  Now that the artist has a completed 3D asset, they can then stage and light the shot and the computer calculates all of these settings to produce the final 3D rendered image.

What Are Some Benefits of 3D Product Rendering?

1) Produce Market-Ready Images Even Before the Product Exists 

A huge benefit of 3D product rendering is that the 3D artist doesn’t need the physical product to be able to produce realistic results.  Sure it can help, but since the entire process is done using 3D software, artists can generate the model and quickly modify features such as textures, materials, and colors in a fraction of the time compared to traditional manufacturing methods.  These images can look indistinguishable from photographs and can be used to generate early interest for investors, crowdfunding, and any other marketing needs.

2) Reduced Costs

As mentioned above, 3D rendering enables companies to visualize their products before they have been manufactured. This process, known as pre-visualization, not only puts an unprecedented level of control into the hands of the product team, but it enables them to visualize, iterate, and refine their designs prior to spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on prototyping and product development costs.

3D product rendering doesn’t just help reduce product development costs. It can also optimize spending on marketing campaigns for products that have already been manufactured. With 3D rendering, you no longer need to worry about shipping costs, re-scheduling photoshoots, managing product variations, or touching up photos to make them perfect. Edits and variations are all made easier and in the future when a product design is updated, 3D artists can use their original files as a starting point, once again saving time and money.     

3) More Immersive Designs  

Another reason 3D rendering has become so prevalent in the consumer product industry is that, in addition to reducing costs and making content creation easier to manage, 3D rendering also allows you to create designs that simply either wouldn’t be possible or would be too expensive via any other method.  Exploded views, cutaway images, fluid effects, you name it.  When planning the shots, you are no longer bound by the laws of physics. 3D rendering opens a door of endless possibilities and you truly are limited only by your imagination.  As such, these designs can not only give the potential customer a better visualization of what they might purchase but also helps to improve their confidence in what they’re buying. 

3D product rendering has opened up a new world of freedom when it comes to producing high-quality images and animations of a company’s products.  The typical restrictions and limitations caused by traditional photography are no longer a barrier in your goal to produce the most effective product designs and 3D rendering will help get your brand ahead of the competition. Here at Go3DViz, we’ll help to make your ideas come to life and produce quality designs for all of your marketing needs. With our skills and experience, you can have full control over every aspect of your images without ever having to ship us a single product.

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